Mr Francis -printti 50x70cm

Mrs Mighetto printin koko 50×70cm, painettu karkealle mattapaperille, joka luo alkuperäisen akvarellin tunnelmaa.
Jokaista kuvaa on painettu rajallinen määrä.

… Mr Francis has a whole zoo of invisible animals. Impossible to see for people not in need, but very present and visible for those who are. A little rabbit for the lonely boy who felt abandoned, a light grey kitten for the girl who lost her mummy, and a singing budgie with a captivating song for the boy who felt different and is still looking for his place. If you close your eyes really tight and call out loud for Francis in your head, he just might send you a little animal …

53,00 €
Alkaen 8,95 €/kk

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