Miss Lola + Miss Vivienne printit 18x24cm

Mrs Mighetto printin koko 18×24cm.
Pakkauksessa Miss Lola ja Miss Vivienne
Painettu karkealle mattapaperille, joka luo alkuperäisen akvarellin tunnelmaa.
Jokaista kuvaa on painettu rajallinen määrä.

Miss Vivienne
Miss Vivienne has a magical quality. She can unite people who have lost their bearings, lost their footing and lost their whole meaning of life. She unites lost people who together find happiness. Vivienne sits on her balcony with views over rooftops and balconies, surrounded by flower boxes in full bloom, and is on the lookout for signals – she’s ready to strike between daydreams…

Miss Lola
Aimlessly wandering from street to street yet still managing to achieve something of great significance is one way to describe Miss Lola’s talent. Suddenly a lone man stands in her path, with an inexplicable need to be guided, yearning company or just human presence. As if it was the most obvious thing in the whole wide world, Lola spends her time looking for attention, something so often deemed the most craved and basic need amongst the lonely and forlorn. A small gesture that can change someone’s life forever, a smile, a hug…

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